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The Milano enters First Order territory and is shot down eventually landing on Star Killer Base. Kylo Ren, accompanied by Captain Phasma and five Stormtroopers go to the crash site. Drax, Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket come face to face with them and the battle begins.



Fight to the death or KO

Location is in the snowy forest of Star Killer Base

Movie Versions only


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Drax solos.

Drax >>> Rey and Finn

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Drax solos.

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Wait till Kylo gets Comic feats were he can show off properly.

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none of them can stop him simply freezing them in place and cutting off some heads. only groot survives it but usually merely regenerating after the fact isnt a win. phasma is enough to at least hold off star lord.

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Kylo and Phasma, Drax knives aint doing anything to Phasma’s armor, Kylo will swing his lightsaber everywhere killing the GotG,

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Meesa kick Kylo's ass!

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Kylo and Phasma should have this.