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Neutral battlefield.
No flight.
30m apart.
IC, but not holding back.
3pm in the afternoon.
Default elimination rules.

Round 2: No lasers for War Machine as well.
Round 3: Rhodey just stands there for half a minute and takes whatever assault she has. If he's not incapacitated by the time she's done, he wins. Does he win?

Who wins?

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Backing War Machine here.

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I'd say War Machine due to distance.

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Are you serious?

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War Machine spams her to death

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War machine wins here for several reasons.

  • He's got armor to protect him from NTW's blast
  • NTW has no armor, and nothing to protect her from missiles, bullets, or repulsors
  • WM can fly to evade any of NTW's moves
  • WM can just stun her into submission with sonics or stun baton.

War machine 9.5/10

the 0.5 is for when vision walks by and snipes him in the chest with a beam from a km away.

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War Machine.

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She has force fields now. She takes it.

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Everyone knows Rhodes gets out of his armor at 3pm for lunch, he dies ez.