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Poll: Tokyo Ghoul Tournament - R1, F3: Kuzen Yoshimura vs Noro (13 votes)

Kuzen Yoshimura 69%
Noro 31%

Hello Ladies & Gents...

Welcome to the latest battle in the Tokyo Ghoul Tournament!

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New to this?:

What Is This?

This, my friends, is a straight up ripoff of my pal Cdiddyman911's fantastic "Tourney of Thrones". His tournament was such a cool idea and as most of you will know I'm a giant TG fanboy, so I had to give this a whirl.

The Tokyo Ghoul Tourney is a huge 64-man single elimination style tournament, where friend is pitted against friend, foe against foe, until only one stands.

How Long Will It Take?

The Tourney will consist of daily battles until the round is over. Once a battle has been added to the battles forum, I will wait up to one week before tallying up the votes, depending on if the match is a stomp or not. The winner moves on.

How Do I Vote?

I heavily encourage discussions about the battle as well as arguments, as that's the fun part, but ONLY POLL VOTES WILL COUNT. All you have to do is choose who you think will win, and that's it.

Some of the characters here are relatively short on feats, so feel free to use hype and statements to make your decisions if you wish.

Can I be Tagged?

If you want to be updated on these battles to help out, please let me know below or simply shoot me a pm asking to be added to the callouts! If you wish to be removed, do the same.

The "Spite" Dilemma

Unfortunately, I am afraid there will be matches where one person will handily defeat the other. I wish it weren't that way, but that is how it has to be realistically. If you see this happen, please still vote on who is the winner. It's best to get it out of the way and go on to bigger and closer battles

The "Been Done" Dilemma

There is also a very likely chance that a battle that shows up here has been done before on another thread or that has even taken place in-verse. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't vote. Much like Battle of The Week threads, it is different from the other ones, so don't stress about it!

Can I check the Standings?

Yes! If you ever wish to know what is going on, please go to The Tourney Bracket. I will be updating as it goes in other ways, but you can keep an eye on everything from there.

Where Is Arima?

You know, I thought about it, but what would be the point? He's out of everybody else league and any battle with him in would be a waste.

Matsumae's skill is proving too much for Nutcracker to handle in the tournaments second battle. Can Nuts pull something out the bag? Have your say there!

Today's battle is a heavyweight clash between two of the most fearsome ghouls known to man...

In the red corner...

Kuzen Yoshimura

V's infamous cleaner turned deadly coffee shop owner. Can he overcome the monstrous regeneration of the beast in front of him?
V's infamous cleaner turned deadly coffee shop owner. Can he overcome the monstrous regeneration of the beast in front of him?

In the blue corner...


Aogiri's ultimate weapon - pretty quiet for somebody with such a big mouth.
Aogiri's ultimate weapon - pretty quiet for somebody with such a big mouth.


  • Morals off
  • Standard gear
  • Prime Versions
  • Win By Death
  • Manga and anime feats applicable
  • Start 30ft apart
  • Fight takes place here:
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I'm pretty conflicted on this one, we didn't really see a lot of what Yoshimura was capable of back in the day, but even as an old man he was holding his own against several well trained investigators in his kakuja. Noro on the other hand has far better regeneration and should be about equal to Yoshimura in every other way. I'm gonna say Noro 6-7/10

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#4 Edited by cooljammy18 (2050 posts) - - Show Bio

Noro has better showings, while Kuzen relies on scaling and statements. However, Kuzen has consistently fought top tier investigators and held his own, but Noros regeneration is absolutely insane. I'll side with Noro for a slight majority based off of this, but it is an interesting battle.

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#5 Posted by KingCrimson (4027 posts) - - Show Bio
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Oh shit, tag me in all of these please!

I'm going to have to go with yoshimura.

His showings against two roided out special class investigators + him fodderizing the CCG at an elderly weakened state is just too much.

If noro was in the same situation as him, he'd be toast.

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#7 Posted by pmcinelly784 (1082 posts) - - Show Bio

Noro's regen is insane, but I'm gonna vote Kuzen because Hype :)

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#8 Posted by jc9865 (279 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd probably go with Kuzen. Taking on several special class investigators on his own is pretty impressive

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Yoshimura. Has way better feats in taking on groups of Special Class level investigators compared to Noro who taken out by Rank 1's, 2's, and 3's.

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#11 Posted by ValorKnight (8821 posts) - - Show Bio

Kuzen wins handily. I'm not sure that we ever saw the full extent of Noro's power, but from what we have seen, he isn't nearly as strong as the manager.

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#12 Posted by Abyssdarkfire (1367 posts) - - Show Bio

Going with Kuzen